Who Are We?

USA Wheel & Tires Inc. is a family-owned business. We are now America's leading supplier of aluminum wheels. However, we have been in business since the 1990s. USA Wheel & Tires Inc. is the nation's premier supplier of aluminum wheels, serving wholesale customers from several distribution centers across the United States. We are proud of successfully thriving in an increasingly competitive industry.

Ready to Transform
Your ride?

Our tires are one of the best ways to customize your vehicle. We are using high-quality rubber while manufacturing. USA Wheel & Tires Inc. that helps you to choose from a wide selection of custom made rims available today. With our expert visualizers, you will get a chance to experience what your automobile will look like with various custom wheels. Do you want to know more about our wheels and tires? Let's dive in!

  • Better heat conductivity
  • Anti-corrosive properties
  • They are lightweight
  • Available in attractive finishing
  • They can enhance your automobile's performance

Are you looking for experts to assist you? You are at the right place. We have experienced staff that helps you to find the perfect fit for your vehicle type. So what are you waiting for? Heed into our massive collection of high-quality tires today! Kick-start your shopping now. Get on the road to transforming your ride with USA Wheel & Tires Inc.!

Our Story

USA Wheel & Tires Inc. established its first retail shop in California in 1990. Our offerings and products were starting to thrive within the first year of its inception. Due to our unbeatable wheels and tires, we are now the leading supplier of aluminum wheels. We have adapted to an unparalleled environment while driving enormous growth and investing for the future. We are adaptable, and our quality impresses our clients. Moreover, we have accomplished a high level of customer loyalty.

USA Wheel & Tires Inc. has an extensive global market and customer devotion, with automobile aficionados and new aftermarket end-users choosing us for their highest quality and all-season tires.

Our Approach

USA Wheel & Tires Inc. utilizes the rigor and discipline to run their business. However, it's critical to continue implementing the growth strategy. And we incorporate the same approach for selling wheel.and tires.

Our Philosophy

We have a simple philosophy: provide the most acceptable range of products to our customers in a way that symbolizes both value and quality service. Our dedication to providing personalized service on time is unparalleled. Since 1990, we have dedicated all of our knowledge, expertise, and inventive abilities to create the ideal wheels. Our wheels are for light, commercial and special-purpose vehicles.

We are proud to have a broad international network of strategically located engineering, technology, and production facilities. Our quality is what makes our customers keep coming back to us. Are you looking for practical yet long-lasting wheels?


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Our Core Values

USA Wheel & Tires Inc. is highly committed to running its business with four core values:


We always focus on maintaining and running our business with integrity and sincerity. We highly appreciate our customer's concerns and don't take them for granted.


Competitiveness runs in our blood. We like to grow and raise our game at every opportunity. We experiment with new ideas and strive to improve over time.

Safety and Quality

Our manufacturing experts always consider comprehensive technological innovations and industry standards while manufacturing. This is what makes us America's leading wheels and tires supplier.

Latest Technology

We have a keen eye on the materials that go into tires, the overall method by which the tires are manufactured, the treadwear, through put time, and fuel consumption to serve you with the best.

How Do We Work?

We understand that getting new tires can be a daunting task. You have to experience a bewildering array of brands and types to choose from. But don't worry. We are here to help you. Our experts will assist you in making the right tire choice at an affordable rate.

We manufacture high-quality and long-lasting tires without compromising quality. USA Wheel & Tires Inc. has access to high-quality tire brands and suitable designs for all automobiles. We seek to make the process as painless and straightforward as possible for those who've never bought tires online before. USA Wheel & Tires Inc. has reshaped the tire industry by serving the customer with top-notch products.

Many of our customers have expressed how satisfying it would be to buy online and save 30-60%.

Free Delivery USA Wide

100% satisfaction guarantee

Fitment guarantee

What Do We Offer

Your vehicle's tires are critical for a smooth ride. They also contribute to the overall appearance of your vehicle. That is why you require tires that are highly functional and in good condition. USA Wheel & Tires Inc. is here to serve you with top-quality tires. Are you looking for tires that bring sufficient all-around capability in all weather conditions? Do you want to know more about our offerings? Let's dive in.

We are serving the World with Innovative and Advanced Wheels & Tires

USA Wheel & Tires Inc. is a brand that focuses on seamlessly combining classic design with cutting-edge technology and superior craftsmanship. Our high-performance tires are in demand today and relevant for coming years, as well as long-lasting quality. Heeding onto our wheels, we've designed styles that use proportion and meticulous detailing to develop wheels with an exquisite yet technical appearance that perfectly complements today's most sought-after automobiles. These designs are meticulously crafted and manufactured using only the best materials, components, and standards. Moreover, we provide features never before seen in the wheel industry, removing extra weight and creating real-world performance benefits.

  • Smooth running performance
  • Flexible and versatile
  • Providing better grip
  • Free from wheel related malfunction

We Are Keeping Your World in Motion

USA Wheel & Tires Inc. is all set to make your world go around. We have expertly crafted high-quality tires that are custom-made to address the requirements of our customers worldwide. Moreover, we have a diversified, multicultural group of thousands of tire experts.USA Wheel & Tires Inc. has a group of incredible people who seek to improve transportation by providing the most sophisticated and competitive wheels to our clients.
We are setting the standard for designing and utilizing lighter, more cost-efficient, strongly modeled, and highly functional tires.

USA Wheel & Tires Inc. Believe in Mobility

We tackle the burgeoning electrification of commercial and passenger vehicles, nearby road conditions, or the ever-increasing demand for fuel-efficient elements. However, our comprehensive understanding of industry dynamics and market projections empowers us to meet the challenges that await us on the road to tomorrow.
Our lightweight tires guarantee higher performance. We have sought cost-effective ways to minimize resource utilization without compromising quality or technical standards via design, manufacturing, and production optimization.

Our Approach for Small Cars to Full-Size Trucks

We can handle a wide range of makes and m odels, from small cars to full-size trucks. Air pressure checks, computer balancing, tire inspections, and other services are among the many we offer. USA Wheel & Tires Inc.'s qualified auto technicians guarantee that your vehicle's wheels are working fine so that you can drive safely.
Each vehicle has its own set of requirements. Keeping this in mind, we strive to provide personalized service tailored to each vehicle. This strategy has enabled us to gain our customers' trust and honor. Because of our pioneering spirit, we can set new standards for procedure excellence and quality control – as well as concoct significant industry innovations. So what are you waiting for? Contact us right away if you want to take advantage of specialized services at an affordable cost.

Are You Ready to Make a Bold Statement with USA Wheel & Tires Inc.?

USA Wheel & Tires Inc. carries some of the most sought-after and distinctive brands on the market. Now is the time to buy cheap alloy, chrome, or custom wheels online. There are numerous sizes, styles, finishes, and brands to choose from, all at affordable prices.

High strength,lightweight

Enhanced high-speed performance

Less fuel usage and fewer emissions

Exceptional tire shape

However, we promise to continue providing personalized service at a reasonable price, and we are committed to investing in the best automotive equipment to serve you with optimal outcomes.
Are you ready for precision and well-worth considering tires? Get in touch with USA Wheel & Tires Inc.