Our Locations

We have locations on every part of the globe


Dallas is the Headquarters of our operation. It is also the HQ of XM Wheels. Dallas handles the sales for all XM distributors in Central and West America. Our warehouse in Mesquite is 10 minutes away from the heart of Downtown.

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Sales Team

Jace Till - Brand Manager
Ray Elbissi – Senior Sales Specialist & Strategy Planner
Freddie Perez- Sales Associate
Espenoza - Sales Rep
Finley - Outside Sales

Accounts Team

Neven Shelabi - Accounting Director
Muhammad Junaid – Controller
Noor Zaman – Accounts Payable


The Houston location serves South and West Texas primarily while also delievering as far as South Louisiana. Houston also serves the Austin Area as well as all cities in a 100 mile radius.

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Sales Team

Farukh Farid - Branch Manager
Oscar – Sales Manager
Jose – Senior Sales Rep.
Sandor – Senior Sales Rep.
Herli – Senior Sales Rep.
Rino – Senior Sales Rep.

Accounts Team

Fahad Farid – Accounts Payable & Database Administrator


The Atlatna location will serve all of the East coast and sorrounding states, this location is our biggest thus far, with over 200,000 sq feet of warehouse space.

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Sales Team

Shawn Rasool – Branch Manager
Hector Vasquez – Sales Manager
Marcus L Williams – Sales Rep.
Liz Ponce – Sales Rep.
Adil Saeed – Warehouse Manager

san antonio

In San Antonio we cover a significant market in the city, in south-focal Texas with a rich pioneer heritage.

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Sales Team