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About XM Wheels

After being in the wholesale business for 10 years, USA Wheel & Tire decided to start their own wheel brand, when they noticed a gap in the off road sector. In 2012 XM Wheels was born with over 50+ styles, in 7 different finishes, from candy red to chrome. 50% of our designs are not only originally designed but also patent protected. XM Wheels are sold nationally through our distributors and we are planned to go international in summer 2021. For More information please visit XMoffroad.com

Tires Brands

A leading tire wholesaler, we offer name brands such as Goodyear, Pirellli, Bridgestone, for cheap because of our buying power. We also offer tier 2 and 3 brands such as lionsport, cosmo, jk, etc, to accommodate all of our customers needs. We are the official state distributor of Lionhart Tires, Jk tyres, Waterfall tires, & Supermax Tires.

Wheel Brands

As we continue to grow with an eye towards the future, we keep in mind the quality of our products, and our commitment to excellence. With over a million square feet of combined warehouse space in the U.S. and over one million units in stock, XM Wheel has the wheels you need, when you need them.